The Online Financial Independence Conference

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Mar. 5, 6, 7 @ 7pm-9pm ET

We're bringing the Financial Independence Movement to you!

Financial Independence is empowering people around the world with the knowledge to control their own life, on their own terms. We've brought together some of the best, most influential leaders in this community to share this movement with you and motivate those who are already on the journey.

Join your fellow FI friends from anywhere in the world to share your story and get new ideas for own FI strategy. We can't wait for #fisummit to reach even more people as the FIRE community spreads!

CHA-CHING! - 2 Frugal Dudes

2 Frugal Dudes

Our AMAZING Lineup

Day 1 - FIchology

Welcome to Financial Independence! FI means different things to different people and preparing your mind, your life and your finances for the journey can be a challenge. Let's unwrap where you are today and take the steps to prepare for the journey ahead.

Brad - ChooseFI


Starting Your FI Journey

So, you've heard about this awesome financial independence concept but don't know where to start! In this session we’ll clear through the information overload and give you some stepping stones to help you get started on the right foot. Let’s get your mind right, accept where you are today and set some goals to keep you motivated on the journey ahead.

The Thrifty Couple

The Thrifty Couple

Key Strategies to Prepare Your Family for FI

If financial independence is even in your sights, there’s prerequisites you’ll need to take care of now that can speed up the process. We’ll discuss how we found ourselves in a financial pit of debt despair yet found a way to dig ourselves out quickly using an innovative debt payoff approach - breaking it down step by step. We’ll share some key life strategies we learned along the way that you can use to help decrease the stress in your home, make your family a well-oiled financial machine, and prepare you to more successfully implement the tips shared through the rest of this conference.

Day 2 - The Journey

You're not alone in your FI goals! We've got plenty of tips and lessons learned along the way to share with you. There are numerous ways to achieve Financial Independence, so discover what methods work best for you and your own unique situation.

Gwen - FIRE Drill Podcast


The Power of a Life With Financial Independence

The power of FI doesn't start when you reach your "FI Number." You will start experiencing the powers of Financial Independence from the very beginning of your journey and it only grows more powerful as you progress. Join Gwen to hear how the Power of FI has given her increased flexibility and more freedom throughout her path to Financial Independence. Power up with FI!!

Physician on FIRE

Physician on FIRE

FIRE with Children: How kids can both complicate and improve your early retirement

When you're young and single, you don't need a lot of money. You get married and buy a home, and you need a bit more. When kids enter the picture, you've got a whole new set of expenses for 20 years or more. We'll talk about how raising children alters the FI math, how to plan for college costs, and how kids can motivate you to reach FI sooner while giving you a wonderful something to devote yourself to in early retirement.

Day 3 - FIRE & Beyond

Whether FIRE is a number or a goal for you, there are ways to take shortcuts along the way and start living the FIRE life well before you actually FIRE. What else is FIRE about? There's much more to it than just your personal finances.

Jillian - Montana Money Adventures


Custom Design a Life You Never Want to Retire From

How to combine passive and passion income to intentionally design your best life. By focusing on which elements of life bring meaning and happiness to you, you can creatively problem solve to obtain your “best life” much faster. Jillian has created a process to build a life she’ll never want to retire from and wants to help you discover yours.

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache

WHY Financial Independence + AMA

Mustachians Unite!!! In this session we'll talk about WHY financial independence is so helpful in living a good life and WHY I spend so much time teaching it. Following the WHY discussion, I want to help answer your HOW questions about Financial Independence, LIVE! Ask Me Anything!

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